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TENNANT T500 / T500e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryers


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T500 / T500e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryers

Deliver predictable results, extend machine life, and reduce cost of ownership with a suite of innovative technologies. 
The T500 / T500e walk-behind floor scrubber-dryers provide optimal performance and consistent results on virtually any hard floor surface condition while lowering cleaning costs. 
Help make your cleaning operation more productive and consistent by choosing from multiple cleaning heads, including an orbital head, and a variety of optional innovative technologies.​Please ask for a quotation and options available by calling Aquajet on 01449 722098.

T500 and T500e replace models T5 and T5e

T500 / T500e Features and Benefits:

Reduce costs to clean, increase productivity and simplify operator training with the T500 and T500e's optional innovative technologies, such as Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering, ec-H2O NanoClean™, IRIS® Fleet Manager and more.
Deliver predictable cleaning results with operator lock-out, on-demand tutorial videos and Zone Settings™ with customisable labels using Pro-Panel™ LCD touch screen technology. Available on T500 only.
Increase battery life, extend battery run-time and easily optimise long-term battery performance with a nearly maintenance-free automatic battery watering system.
Choose from disk, cylindrical or orbital scrubbing heads in a range of cleaning path widths on this mid-sized scrubber-dryer.
Effectively remove floor finish without expensive stripping detergents with the 700 mm orbital cleaning head option.

Transport speed 5,5 kph 5,5 kph 5,5 kph 5,5 kph 5,5 kph
Length 1,486 mm 1,501 mm 1,552 mm 1,501 mm 1,486 mm
Width 700 mm 750 mm 850 mm 780 mm 710 mm
Height 1,100 mm 1,100 mm 1,100 mm 1,100 mm 1,100 mm
Squeegee width 973 mm 1,049 mm 1,234 mm 1,234 mm 1,049 mm
Aisle turnaround width 1,499 mm 1,514 mm 1,565 mm 1,514 mm 1,499 mm
Weight (without batteries) 145 kg 150 kg 161 kg 168 kg 168 kg
Weight (with batteries) 277 kg 281 kg 293 kg 299 kg 299 kg
GVW 363 kg 367 kg 379 kg 386 kg 386 kg
Sound level (operator’s ear)*** 66.5 dBA 66.5 dBA 66.5 dBA 66.4 dBA 67.0 dBA
Quiet-Mode (operator’s ear)*** 61.7 dBA 61.7 dBA 61.7 dBA 61.8 dBA 60.6 dBA


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