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Numatic Face Shield


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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Numatic Design & Manufacturing teams have worked hard to quickly develop a Face Shield that is effective, comfortable, reusable and can be manufactured in high volumes immediately. These face shields have been developed with and are currently in use with *Worcestershire NHS Trust, West Midlands Ambulance Service, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and The Gibraltar Health Authority.

    Lateral Protection
    180° Field of Vision
    Lightweight & Comfortable
    Reusable Design
    CE Approved

Numatic International Limited, Chard, Somerset, TA20 2GB Tel: 01460 68600© Numatic International Limited 2020. Specification subject to change without prior notice. PN: 912375 A01 further information and Declaration of conformity visit: or call 01460 269270Export Sales Contact: and cleaningThe visors are reusable but sterilisation is a decision for each health authority based on their processes and risk assessments.
✔  The visor can be wiped clean/semi sterilised with universal wipes
✔  The visors can sterilised through immersion and washing in hot soapy water (400C)
✔  The visor can be sterilised through immersion in 1% chlorine solution, as per many hospitals
✔  The visor was sterilised effectively by NHS Partner* @ 600C
✔  The visor can be sterilised through immersion in Isopropyl Alcohol
✔  The visor was sterilised effectively by NHS Partner* @ 1000CWash ProcedureSuggested cleaning process, as used by NHS Development Partner*Tests used x10 visors per wash1Pre-wash - 20.5ºC (5 min)2 Wash using Phoenix* - 61.3ºC 6mins water pressure 4.8bar3Rinse - 60ºC (1 min)4Thermal rinse - 90-93ºC (8 min)5Drying – 100-105.4ºC (10 min)*Chemicals used
✔  PHOENIX (Potassium polyphosphate aqueous solution 20-30%, Dihydroxypropane 1-10%, Subtillisin 0-0.5%


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