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Kranzle K1050 P Cold Water pressure washer 240v


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The new high pressure cleaners Kränzle K 1050 offers professional
quality for all your pressure washing needs around your home and garden at a very competitive price.
For decades, the Kränzle brand has been regarded worldwide as the manufacturer of high quality products
for professional applications.

Owing to smart and innovative design Kränzle has been able to successfully integrate its professional quality
also for domestic customers in a compact and elegant housing design in a space and cost saving manner.

From the portable K 1050 P version to the mobile K 1050 TS T version with integrated hose drum, these machines offer you everything you would expect top quality product.

Kränzle Product Family K 1050:
Professional quality at a very competitive price!

Storage System K 1050 P
Practical brackets for the gun,
lance and cable.

Durable High Performance Motor Kranzle only use durable induction motors giving higher performance and
extending the life of your pressure washer.
High quality brass pump Made from special forged brass with hardened stainless steel plungers, leakage return system and total stop start facility operated from the trigger gun.
Smart Rapid Change System New fast quick release fittings made of hardened stainless steel for more durable
and secure connection between gun and lance.

A Reliable, Dependable high pressure cleaner for around your house, the car and your garden!

Technical specifications K 1050 P
Model portable
Ord. no. 49,501
Operating pressure 130 bar / 13 MPa
Max. admissible overpressure 160 bar / 16 PSI
Water output 7.5 l/min (450 l/h)
Motor speed 2,800 rpm
Connected load 230 V, 9.6 A, 50 Hz
Power intake / Power output 2.2 kW / 1.65 kW
Weight 19 kg
Features & Equipment Ord. no.
High-pressure hose NW 6 8 m (41,054 1)
Trigger gun with safety catch
and quick release fitting (12,475)
Flat jet stainless steel lance
with brass quick release bayonet (12,900-03)
High Pressure Cleaner Family K 1050
Portable and compact


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