Karcher HDS 10/20-4 M HOT Pressure Washer

Karcher HDS 10/20-4 M Medium class hot water high-pressure cleaner with 3-phase power.

Karcher HDS 10/20-4 M – the powerful three-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner in the Kärcher Middle class. With 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor, two cleaning agent tanks and service electronics.

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The Karcher 10/20-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner reaches new levels of performance, reliability and economy. Uncompromising in every respect: maximum pressure, maximum flow rate. The HDS 10/20-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner is the most powerful machine in the Kärcher Middle class. The innovative eco!efficiency mode, precise cleaning agent dosing unit and optimised burner engineering reduce the impact both on the environment and on your wallet to a minimum, while the patented nozzle technology, ceramic pistons, turbo blower and outstanding pump efficiency ensure top cleaning results. Ease of operation is also ensured by an intuitive control panel, LED displays and a sophisticated mobility concept, all of which simplify operation and transport of the machine. Servicing and maintenance work is easy, as all of the relevant components are easily accessible and operating data can be retrieved at any time.

Standard accessories

    Exhaust gas temperature limiter
    Pressure switch control

    Control panel with indicator lamps
    Low fuel cut-out
    Steam mode

    Three piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons, with ceramic piston
    Trigger gun, EASY!Force Advanced
    Integral fuel and detergent tank

    Pole reversing plug (three-phase)
    Power nozzle
    SDS system

    Electronic service control with LED display
    Servo Control
    Infinitely variable pressure and water flow control on the unit

    Dry running protection
    Scale inhibitor
    Low-speed 4-pole motor

    Two detergent tanks

Technical data

    Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz)3/420/50
    Flow rate (l/h)500-1000
    Pressure (bar/MPa)30-200/3-20
    Max. temperature (supply 12°C) (°C)80-155
    Connection load (kW)7,8

    Heating oil or gas consumption, full load (kg/h)6,4
    Fuel tank (l)25
    Outside temperature-
    Fuel tank-
    Cleaning agent tank-

    Heating output-
    Power cable (m)5
    Weight (kg)171
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)1330 x 750 x 1060

  • Home or Commercial Use Multi use home or commercial

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