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DIBO JMB-M 500/18 TG

The JMB-M hot water high pressure cleaner is, thanks to its own power source and autonomic working, also usable on places where there is no electricity. Because of the choice for cleaning with cold and hot water, it is very appropriate for a wide range of cleaning possibilities.

Available to purchase from Aquajet.

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The JMB-M hot water high pressure washer knows a varied applicability, certainly in places where there is no electricity, due to its on-board power source and self-contained operation. This JMB-M is equipped with the latest green technologies, like our very own GreenBoiler, which provides a considerable fuel saving. Likewise the Intercooling system, where water from the tank is used for engine cooling and preheating through the heat exchanger, creates a fuel saving of 15% for the burner. Moreover, the diesel engine is cooled even more by means of a supplementary air cooling system for the engine compartment.

Keeping in mind the environment, we installed an auto-stop system as to make the engine stop when there is no cleaning activity for 30 minutes. What’s more, it is possible to clean at less than 85dB when the trailer is completely closed. The green idea of DiBO returns repeatedly: like in the green coloured aerodynamic polyethylene case, which can be opened completely.

The standard integrated built-in high and low-pressure hose reels make the radius of use of this mobile cleaner even greater. Moreover, the radial pump with 3 ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves create an enormous source of power, which is also very easy to maintain. The 12 V electronic control with indicator lamps serves to watch the level of oil, fuel and water, as well as for flame protection. The burner also functions at 12V.


The GreenBoiler has:

Efficiency of minimum 92%

Fuel saving of minimum 18%

Low CO² and NOx emissions

Low chimney temperature

Stainless steel burner housing

Flame protection

Low maintenance cost

And is more ecological

Technical specifications

TypeJMB-M 500/18 TG
Working pressure (bar)30 - 500
Flow rate (l/h)1080
Max.water temp.30 - 120° C
Motor rating26 kW (diesel)
Dimensions L x W x H3500 x 1750 x 1600 mm
Weight950 kg
Water tank450 l
Fuel tank80 l
Buner capacity110 kW

Avaialble to purchase at Aquajet Cleaning Equipment Ltd

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