Environmental Scope

It is the policy of Aquajet to cover the following environmental aspects:

The use of Water and Energy within the business is monitored and controlled.  Water is a major resource used and methods to reduce usage have an impact both on the environment and cost. Water is never left running & special water saving taps are fitted in the toilets.  Electrical items are not left on unless necessary & lighting only used when needed.


It is important, especially in relation to authorities consents, that the quality and output of waste water is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. All water from the workshop and stores is discharged into the foul water drain & not into the surface water drain.  An Interceptor tank is used to catch any fuel/oil before it enters the foul drainage pipes.  The Interceptor tank is inspected on a regular basis and is emptied accordingly.


As a company, we must ensure that the unit operates to meet the required standards for all employees to carry out their duties in suitable conditions – both from a health & safety and Environmental viewpoint.  The carpets/hard floors are cleaned regularly as is equipment used both in the workshop & office.  The hot beverage machine is cleaned regularly also.


Both from a health & safety and environmental viewpoint, the working conditions must be conducive for all employees to carry out their duties in suitable conditions.  As a company, we must ensure that the unit operates to meet the required standards.  Earplugs are supplied as and when needed.


Aquajet is responsible to manage its’ waste and to review its’ methods for reduction of waste material.  Waste oil is kept in steel tanks and is removed by carrier on a regular basis.  Waste is collected on a regular basis.  Paper, Envelopes, used stamps and catalogues are recycled. Padded envelopes & cardboard are re-used, glass/plastic/aluminium/parts & metals are all recycled and wooden pallets are re-used when possible.


All employees have to be aware of actions to take when there are environmental, safety and emergency issues.  Cleaning equipment, appropriate absorbent materials, waste containers and protective clothing available for use on chemical spills.  First aid kits are supplied to all Aquajet Vans plus Protective clothing – Coveralls, Gloves, Goggles, Face masks & mobile phones for emergencies.  Coshh sheets for all chemicals are kept in the office and on all vehicles.


All environmental complaints and incidents are reviewed and monitored to reduce any impact, which may affect the day-to-day business of Aquajet.


All vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly for the sake of the environment and for the health and safety of staff.

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