Valeting Cloths

Jumbo Car Sponge

A standard size synthetic jumbo sponge. ideal for car, caravan, motorhome or general use. PLEASE SEE OUR MANY OTHER VALETING PRODUCTS. Tel No: 0845 467 3004 / 01449 722098  

Genuine Chamois Leather

Genuine chamois leather full skin.   Tel No: 0845 467 3004 / 01449 722098 / 0207 732 0191 Available from Aquajet Cleaning equipment Ltd  

Microfibre Cloth CHOICE OF COLOUR

A yellow 40cm x 40cm micro-fibre wiping cloth. The ultra fine fibres effortlessly attract, hold and lift dirt, dust and grease from any surface. Suitable for car, caravan, Motorhome and general use. Please see our many valeting...

Micro Fibre Window and Glass...

High performance micro fibre window and glass cleaning cloth. Has heat sealed edges for longer life and heavy weight construction for more effective cleaning for smear free glass. Also ideal for stainless steel. Suitable for car,...
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Car Wash Mitt

Car wash mitt, made from soft,absorbent, simulated sheepskin. We stock a vast range of car valeting products at Aquajet, and have sales vans around the UK selling our products to the trade. Tel No: 0845 467 3004 / 01449 722098 / 0207...

Bug Shifter Sponge

The bug sponge is a very efficient bug remover. For use only on glass surfaces. We stock many car valeting products at Aquajet Cleaning Equipment. Tel No: 0845 467 3004 / 01449 722098

Valeting Polish Sponge

Valeting Polish Sponge sold singularly. Ideal for using when polishing your car, caravan or Motorhome.   Used extensively by the trade and public. Please see our many other valeting products. Aquajet Cleaning Equipment Ltd 01449...

Vileda Flunkey Car Cloth Non...

Use it just like a leather Washes, driers and cleans without streaking Unique Construction ensuring life Resistant to all detergents Resists hot water up to 60 degrees 46cm x 44cm Manufacturer Part NumberA167A

Bonnet Buffer MOGG38

Professional Car Bonnet Duster/Mop - MOGG38 Buffer/Polish/Brush For polishing exterior bodywork. Extensively used by the Motor Trade and by car enthusiasts. The buffer has many other general uses including the cleaning of office/shop...

Super Bug Buster Sponge

A very efficient bug & tar remover. For use mainly on glass surfaces, quite a soft finish lots of different uses. We stock many car valeting products at Aquajet Cleaning Equipment. Please call our sales team on 01449 722098 for...

Giant Miracle Valeting Drying Cloth

Giant Miracle Dry Microfibre Drying Towel (Roll)●  High performance, double sided microfibre drying towel●  Long pile one side for absorbing the maximum amount of water●  Short pile one side for detailing and finishing●  Size: 60x90cm●...

Microfibre Ultra Fine Glass...

MicroGlass is especially developed to work on all Glass and windows.Traditional cleaning products need the addition of both chemicals and water to work effectively. Microfibre offers a new solution to tradtional cleaning. Thousands of...

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