Karcher Vario-Power spray lance,...

Karcher VP 145 Vario Power Jet Vario-Power spray lance: spray lance with variable pressure control from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet. For use with K3 & K4 Machines.
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Karcher Dirt Blaster Pressure...

Dirt Blaster Pressure Washer Lance A powerful rotating nozzle ideal for removing stubborn dirt such as moss, algae and ground-in dirt, the Kärcher Dirt Blaster is the perfect attachment for tough cleaning jobs.  

Karcher Lance 250 mm, non-rotatable

Karcher 250 mm stainless steel lance. With manual coupling. Non-rotatable.

Karcher 550 mm lance, non-rotatable

Karcher 550 mm stainless steel lance. With manual coupling. Non-rotatable.Length (mm)     550Compatible Karcher machines:        HD 801 B Cage        HDS 5/11 U        HDS 5/11 UX        HDS 5/12 C        HDS 801 B        HDS 801 D...

Karcher Rotatable lance, 600 mm,...

Karcher Rotatable lance, 600 mm, ergonomic 600 mm stainless steel lance (manual coupling) with ergonomic handle for ease of use and protection. Rotatable 360° under pressure. Compatible Karcher machines        AP 100/50 M        HD...

Karcher Underbody lance

Stainless steel lance for effective and easy underbody and wheel arch cleaning. Without high-pressure nozzle.SpecificationsTechnical dataLength (mm)     700Compatible Karcher machines include;        HD 10/15-4 Cage Food        HD...

Karcher Angled spray lance K2-K7

Extra-long angled spray lance (about 1 m) for easy cleaning of difficult to reach areas, e.g. roof gutters or vehicle underbodies. Suitable for all Kärcher K2 – K7 series domestic pressure washers.

Karcher Gutter cleaning lance

Karcher Gutter cleaning lanceThe lance is suited for cleaning of gutter systems. Because of the shape of the lance and the special nozzle the gutter can be cleaned without removing the cover plates.

Karcher Telescopic Spray Lance

 Can be continuously extended from 1.8 to 5.4 m. For cleaning areas that are difficult to reach, such as ceilings or facades. With integrated HD trigger gun, M 22 x 1.5 connection with rotary coupling. Connection for M 18 x 1.5 nozzles

Karcher FR 50 surface cleaner

Hot water resistant stainless steel surface cleaner with 500 mm working width. Ideal for large areas.With double ceramic bearings, push handle, non-marking swivel castors and detergent dosing system. KARCHER PART NUMBER: 2.640-679.0...

Karcher 1050 mm lance,...

Karcher 1050 mm stainless steel lance (manual coupling) with ergonomic handle for ease of use and protection. Rotatable 360° under pressure.

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